Cargo insurance

At TB LOGISTICS, we offer you an alternative to the traditional carrier’s civil liability insurance. Such insurance policy does not fully secure the interests of the owners of transported goods. Its primary goal is to protect the carrier against any potential claims. That is why we offer you the Cargo Insurance.

Cargo Insurance is intended to secure our clients against any losses resulting from a potential loss or serious damage of transported goods. It provides comprehensive protection of entrusted cargo from the moment of shipment up to the moment of delivering it to a specified address. This means that it also covers the storage, loading and unloading of the goods. Unlike the basic civil liability insurance that protects the goods only from damages arising from mishandling by the carrier, the Cargo Insurance also covers protection from unexpected issues, theft, natural disasters, etc.

The Cargo Insurance offering is addressed to clients who wish to provide some additional protection of the transported goods. Even though both we and our carriers make every effort to ensure that the entrusted cargo reaches the target destination, we are aware of the possibility of unexpected situations beyond our control, such as natural disasters of theft. This type of insurance offers added protection for our clients and guarantees full compensation for any losses suffered.


TB LOGISTICS offers its clients an option of organising and booking ferry crossings for lorries and delivery vehicles. We handle all the necessary formalities connected with this type of transport.

Customs clearance

TB LOGISTICS cooperates with the best and most reliable customs agencies in Poland. We handle the shipment of parcels requiring customs clearance. It’s a series of steps in order to verify the contents and security measures of a shipment, so that they comply with any applicable requirements of a given country. Thanks to that, our clients do not have to worry about the shipment being sent back to the sender.

Customs clearance applies to all inbound shipments from outside of the European Union. In case of our country, this obligation applies primarily to goods traded with Belarus, Russia, and Turkey. Completing a customs clearance is also necessary for goods imported from or exported to countries that are members of the European Union, but do not apply tax directives, such as e.g. the Canary Islands.

Our experienced employees will handle all the necessary formalities connected with customs clearance even before shipment, so that the client can be sure that the entire process will be successful.

Warehouse space (to hide)

TB LOGISTICS offers its clients warehouse space to rent. Our state-of-the-are storage base meets all the applicable standards and provides easy access for lorries to load.

As a part of the warehouse space renting service, we also offer:

We use only verified and proven solutionsthat ensure the satisfaction of our clients. By using our warehouse space, you can effectively lower your costs and limit problems connected with storing your goods in appropriate conditions.

Why you should consider our services

Highest quality of service

We continuously improve the quality of our services at every stage of cooperation.

We are distinguished by reliability

Our clients can count on our help. They can rest assured that the entrusted cargo will reach its destination.

We are here to help and advise

We value the trust of our clients and we never leave them alone in need. Even if a situation they face is not our responsibility, we’re happy to help.

Flexible approach to every order

We are open to new solutions, and we always look for the best possible solution that will satisfy our clients.

Competitive offer

Our prices and the exceptional quality of service distinguish us from our competitors. Numerous satisfied clients who used our services can confirm that.